Corporate Overview

Today’s businesses are under siege by a plague of new issues that only a few years ago seemed manageable, the success of any business is based largely on the use & exchange of information and data.


Many solutions have been introduced to manage and get better use of information within organizations but many organizations have not realized the expected value of these solutions, as these huge piles of information has little power and can shed little light since they remain isolated, inaccessible, unprotected, unconnected or vulnerable.


Information has the power to illuminate our world, as you go deeper in your organization, you find that content has a life of its own, it has behavior, it is flexible and mobile, and with the right touch, you can turn content into context. However, for this to happen, information must be intelligently and efficiently stored, protected and managed so that it can be accessible, searchable, shareable and ultimately actionable.


At AAGroup, we have enabled full realization of inherent power of information by creating complete information environments that are reliable, efficient and secure. The result is information that reveals its hidden potential, fit and ready to use. With AAGroup, people and organizations can bring the power of information to life.


AAGroup was established in 2010 by a team specialized in the Electronic Archiving & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) domains. We invested in R&D and created SmartDocArchief (SDA) to be the core solution in addition to becoming a systems integrator in the ICT domain in Jordan and the region.


Nowadays, AAGroup services were expanded to include three main pillars (ECM Solutions, BPM Solutions & SmartERP Solutions), Our team experiences include senior technical leaders as well as the business experts including our competitors’. Our services and products are deployed in different sectors including Banking Sector, Educations Sector & Universities, Governmental Sector, NGO’s &  as well as the SME Private Sector.